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 Terms and Conditions

This document sets out how we work, what we charge, and our responsibilities towards each other should you choose to book us.

Deciding services.

After initial contact, we will agree via email as to what services we will provide. If we speak on the phone or on Skype/Zoom/Teams etc, as a part of that process, we will send you an email following our conversation summarising what was said.  We will use our email thread as the contract confirming what we have agreed. 

It is your responsibility to provide us, within our email thread, with the information we need to complete the booking and to be paid for that booking. E.g., to complete the booking, we need to know such things as: venue location and timings for the day. To get paid we need to know if there is anything over and above our invoice that you require to enable payment, and if there is any particular information you require on the invoice to ensure payment. This information must be provided to us prior to the booking within our email chain.

Cost of services.

After initial discussion, and agreement upon services required, we will quote my fees. we charge specific amounts for a full day, and for a partial day of consultancy services/training. A partial day is under 4 hours in the morning or in the afternoon (it cannot be 4 hours that overlap both morning and afternoon). For writing services and projects,  we are happy for us both to negotiate a price for the whole. 

In addition to our fee, if using transport, we will charge you for our travel and accommodations expenses. We will do our utmost to ensure these are kept as low as possible.

For longer term projects, after discussing the content and overview, we are happy to offer a reduced figure, to consider the longevity of the service.

In addition to our fee, I will charge you for my travel and accommodations costs. I will do my utmost to ensure these are kept as low as possible. Typically, I travel by train on super advanced tickets where possible.  If we travel to you from another booking the expense of that journey will be shared between yourself and the other booking.  


Accommodation (if required)

We usually do a Late rooms search and/or air B&B, selecting the cheapest closest place, however we do occasionally omit places from our search for reasons of personal safety, e.g., if places have warnings about behaviour in their online feedback I will avoid them. 

Zoom Training

We hold a full Zoom account. (Though we are  happy to use other platforms).

We prefer all attendees to be muted when delivering training. We have a portable plain white screen that I use to cover our background or can diffuse as required.

We will also remind all attendees that while participating in training, that their microphones should be off, and that they should be aware that their environments are visible. We will agree with you, regular moments where attendees can take part in question-and-answer sessions pertaining to the training.


Once you are happy with what we have discussed we can book a mutually suitable date for services in our diaries. Once we have agreed the date, we will be contractually obliged to each other. We will be contractually obliged to provide the services we have decided, and you will be obliged to pay us for those services and the associated expenses.

When booking me it is your responsibility to ensure that the venue we are to present at is suitable for a presentation to a number of individuals that you require.  We will be using a laptop and PowerPoint, so we will require a screen and projector, power source and if possible speakers, all of these to suit the needs and size of the audience. ( We can provide my own projector, its portable, so only suitable for a smaller setting). 


If you cancel 7 days or less prior to the booking you will be liable for the full fee plus all transport and accommodation expenses already incurred. If you cancel within a month of the booking, we reserve the right to charge you 50% of the fee plus any transport and accommodation expenses already incurred. If you cancel with more than a month’s notice, we will not charge you for the services but will charge any transport and accommodation expenses that have already been incurred. In endeavouring to make our travel expenses as affordable as possible I book train tickets in advance. These tickets are comparatively low in price but are non-refundable. If you would prefer us to wait until the final month to arrange our transport, please make this clear in our email correspondence. Understand that doing this will make ticket prices higher. We will send our invoice within three days of completing the work. Payment is expected within 30 days. If for some reason you will not be able to make payment in this time, please let us know in advance. If payment is late by more than 45 days, we will add a 20% penalty charge to the fee and if payment is late by more than 90 days this charge will increase to 50% of the fee.



We may also include exercises that some may find uncomfortable from a sensory perspective. We will discuss these first with all attendees to ensure they are aware of these exercises and why they are part of the session.  and can “opt out” if they wish. Safety of all is paramount to us. We will of course do all we can to ensure exercises and items used pose no threat. We do hold professional indemnity insurance.

Accepting this document.

Upon receipt of this document please email to confirm that you accept the terms. Unless you state otherwise in our emails, We will take our continuing correspondence to indicate acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you have any concerns about the stipulations laid out in this document, please let us know so that we can discuss and resolve any issues. Thank you😊

May 2023

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