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Autistic Community of Cornwall Directors: 

All of our ACC directors are Autistic and professionally involved in a number of Autism related services and initiative projects and are DBS checked.

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Ian Hutchinson  ACC Director 

Ian has worked within the NHS for many years as a Specialist Clinician and currently functions as a diagnostician within the Cornwall NHS adult Autism assessment service.

He is also is a clinical advisor to Youth Art Connect, a mental health initiative. Ian is the ACC’s mentorship and support coordinator and has a particular interest in the nature and quality of support available to people following confirmation of their Autistic identity.

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Marie Ralph BCA  ACC Director

Awarded a British Citizen Award in 2023.

Marie has been active for many years in the Neurodivergent community providing support, advice and advocacy to young people, adults and families. Her primary focus has been on holding local services to account and promoting non discriminatory practice on the part of organisations, services and local communities.

She is the chair of Tourette's Action Cornwall and a founding member and Director of Youth Art Connect.

She has a particular interest in how the educational needs of young Autistic people are met and provides bespoke Autism training as an independent Autistic expert by experience.

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David  Kirwan ACC Director 

David has been active in supporting marginalised individuals all his working life. He focuses his energies on Autism learning and supporting Autistic people and Neuro-Minorities in various settings and roles. He has direct experience as a NHS ward-based employee, a change coach, Autistic peer and mentor.

David has delivered training to the DWP, NHS, and several other areas. 

He loves supporting positive change and sourcing events and making connections. Also a proud father and grandfather to Neurodivergent Children and grandchildren.

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Tigger Pritchard  ACC Director 


National Award winner BAPs 2022.

Tigger is well known within the Autism networks of Cornwall, across the UK and Internationally. For many years Tigger has been working within the Autistic community to promote better acceptance and understanding of Autism.

He is involved with several innovative organisations that are aligned with the neurodivergent movement that advocates for understanding based upon difference and not dysfunction.

Through his own independent consultancy, he provides Autism related training, advocacy, as well as commissioned work with individuals and families. He is also an avid campaigner for neurodivergent rights and acceptance. 

As well as all things Autistic, he is also involved in the world and passionate about PDA. (Pathological Demand Avoidance)


Tigger has developed an excellent free website with links to information and other useful resources around Autism and Neurodivergency in general. He be also be found Podcasting, on Facebook lives and YouTube 

Committee Members 

We also have a core group of committee members from various backgrounds.

Origins and Support


Our original meeting of three Neurodivergent minds, back in late 2022, over crackers, tea and coffee, the ACC was born.

The four directors and the cheque from the National Lottery Community Fund.


The Autistic Coffee Shop, The ACC Podcast. Click below to hear our latest episode

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