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The Autistic Navigator Programme: Support for Autistic Adults

The ACC Navigator Programme is intended for Autistic adults that would find it helpful to spend time with another Autistic person in order to discuss and reflect upon Autistic identity. To focus on what this means for them and how the can inform living an authentic Autistic life.

This programme has proven particularly helpful for people going through of coming to the end of a formal diagnosis or self identification journey. 


It is important to note:


  • This programmes does not provide counselling, therapy or crisis intervention/support.

  • We are not able to support with Mental Health issues.

  • The programme is run by unpaid volunteers who are all Autistic

  • It is not meant to meet needs where there are gaps in services provided by the NHS and local authority.

This programme is intended for:

  • Individuals who have the capacity to understand its aims 

  • Ability to request being included on their own behalf.

The ACC does not accept referrals from third parties, such as mental health services or local authority social care, though we can discuss how individuals can be supported to do this with individual case workers. 

How the Navigator Programme works:

  • Individuals contact the ACC via the Navigator email

  • We arrange an initial meeting to explore whether it is the right programme for the individual.

  • If the Navigator Programme is to be accessed, we place the individual upon a waiting list. 

  • A Navigator is located and makes contact with the individual

  • Both decide upon a safe and respectful method of interaction and/or meeting place


All of our Navigators are carefully selected, have a police check, (Enhanced DBS).

If you are interested, click the email box above or contact us on





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